Rambler Vehicles - Adventure Awaits

Gone are the days of the laborious and often-times frustrating process of getting your vehicle ready to tackle the unique Australian outback. In the old days, Aussies yearning for adventure had to do the hard yards – decide on the 4×4 of choice, do the dreaded wheeling and dealing with the car sales guy, and then run all over town to try and track down the gear that all your mates have recommended. It was a time consuming, and usually outrageously expensive way to get geared up to do a bit of exploring. Then, somewhere off the beaten track you would usually find out that the gear all your mates suggested was either not up to the task, or plain just not needed!

Thankfully, there is a new way to gear up to experience the very best Australia has to offer the adventurous – Rambler Vehicles! The team at Rambler Vehicles have the experience, the knowledge and the know how to get you your dream off-road vehicle, without the time-consuming and expensive run around!

Headed up by a veterans of the Australian 4×4 aftermarket industry and long-time off-road enthusiasts, Kris Humphrys and Brad Russell, Rambler Vehicles have gone from strength to strength in just a few short years with their fully built, ready-to-go turn-key packages built from brand-new. That’s right, a brand new, fully warranted, fully legal and fully decked out off-road beast, ready for adventure, straight off the Rambler showroom floor!

The Rambler Vehicles experience all starts with your choice of vehicle, it may be a Land Cruiser, a Y62 Patrol, a Hilux, Isuzu – you name it, the choice is yours! The end result is nothing short of stunning – a fully kitted out 4×4 with all the gear you need, and none that you don’t, all professionally installed by the experienced Rambler team. It really does make the whole experience of preparing for that trip of a lifetime a far more relaxing and rewarding one.

But the great news is that the experience doesn’t stop once you leave the dealership – the Rambler team are behind you all the way with help should you ever need it. There are Rambler-certified service hubs and approved technicians located all over the country. Try getting that level of support on a modified 4×4 from your regular new car dealer! Best of all, these service centres and technicians are typically located within a TJM store, so you know that the folks who are looking after your vehicle, understand your needs as a 4WDer.

When you meet with the team at Rambler Vehicles, there is a word that will keep coming up in conversation all the way through the buying process – and that word is choice. You truly do have a choice in how your Rambler will come together. It’s not just Land Cruisers and Hilux’s, you can choose the base vehicle, and you can choose the gear that is fitted by the team of professionals at Rambler Vehicles. The Rambler team will be with you every step of the way to share their years of hard-won, real-world experience with you to ensure your Rambler gets everything you need, and nothing you don’t – it’s the Rambler way!

Rick “Ricko” OBrien
Australia’s Story Teller
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